Certainty of God and immortal soul

Demonstrating that we are eternal and that God not only exists, but that he is 100% certain, seems to be a hopeless cause. However, what I propose is simply a rigorous presentation of these objectives, which can be summarised as follows:

1) His existence is 100% certain because, at the very least, our perceptions exist.

2) His existence is present in all forms and dynamics of the universe.

3) His existence transcends all forms and dynamics of the universe, as these forms and dynamics are not able to define him.

4) His existence is immanent and transcendent of the universe, and therefore coincides with God, and as such is certain.

5) If his existence transcends all forms and dynamics of the universe, despite being therein, then these forms and dynamics also represent the ways in which his existence is shown.

6) If the universe appears rich and varied regardless of existence being ever equal to itself, this is because existence is intrinsically rich and this intrinsic wealth is thus used to “compose” everything.

7) What we actually are is an irreducible wealth, which therefore belongs to this existence in a dimension beyond time and space.

To understand this presentation, please watch the following video that I have made in the first person, subtitled in English: